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Here are three new Short Stories for your consideration

The ground beneath Carly is unstable. Strange happenings occur and visitations. How well does she know Scott?

Is she going to have to let him go?

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Matthew Grindlay returns home from the Peninsula War, having fought in the Duke of Wellington's army against Napoleon. He finds the family estate in decline and an ailing father. He longs to see his beloved Jessie again.


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Dan Holland, a café owner in a Cotswold village, is coming to a time of change – his crossroad. The old out, the new beckoning

At the other side of the country Kristen Henaghan has apparently, broken away, from a former traumatic and threatening relationship to now follow her dream of becoming a chef.

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A number of people have asked me explain how to read my book. So I have added this guide below.

This 'book' is an e-book [a digital manuscript] and it can be read - not downloaded and printed out like a .pdf - on a device called an e-Reader [e = electronic].

The most well-known reader is the Kindle. This is a thin portable, lightweight, electronic reading device about the size of a paperback that is used via Wi-Fi to download and read books, newspapers or magazines to either a black&white easy to read no glare face, or colour. It can hold well over 1,000 books.

You do not need to own a Kindle for with this link below you can download the Free Amazon app [application] to your computer, smartphone, or tablet - iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Windows 8, or any device etc. and read digital books there.