I am an Anglo-Australian having emigrated to Australia where I lived for many years and at present am living in England.

I trained as a film editor at the BBC Ealing Film Studios, and after working some years in television I became a voice coach for theatre and screen. Having trained in London, Switzerland and Sydney I was head-hunted to work in a drama school there. I taught voice, movement and drama and also at four other drama schools to students of theatre, film and television.

I have recorded voice-over work for distance education programmes and acted in various productions professional and amateur over the years and given many workshops in Australia, United States and England. I was part of the Michael Chekhov theatre group as voice coach working in Hollywood.

I started one of the first natural food stores in Australia in the late 70s - Sirius Natural Foods.

Later I pioneered the first primary class at what then became The Armidale Waldorf School in New South Wales where I taught for over ten years.

More recently I taught Drama and then IT to teenagers with learning difficulties at a specialist further education college in Gloucestershire, England.

I have taught OCN Film Studies at the Waldorf College, Stroud, Gloucesterhire, U.K.

I studied at Emerson College, in Sussex, and Education at The University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia.